Are you game for a full body wax?

Veet body wax strips help you remove hair from the entire body. This article provides a guide on using the strips

Let’s face it – there’s no sensation better than feeling silky smooth all over the body. You might normally wax just your arms and legs. But what about the extra hair on your back, shoulders, belly or upper thighs? You take it off only when you absolutely need to, but why wait at all?

The problem is, there are hardly any hair removal products suitable for use on these parts of the body. However, you can try Veet body wax strips without any qualms – they are designed for use on specific parts of the body, and they do not harm the skin in any way.

When there is no hair on your body, you have the freedom to wear whatever you want, whenever you wish. From backless cholis to cute hot pants, and from a stunning two-piece bathing suit to a sheer dress, you are always ready to rock your wardrobe without having to worry about visible hair on the body.

How to use the Veet body wax strips

  • Get a box of Veet body wax strips suitable for your skin type. They are currently available in three variants – for Normal, Dry and Sensitive skin types.
  • Read the instructions on the pack carefully. Though the pack says that it contains body wax strips, the term ‘body wax is not to be taken literally. You cannot use the strips on your face, neck, genital area, anal area, nipples and other sensitive body parts. It is preferable to use them on the arms, legs, bikini area and underarms only. Take your doctor’s advice on using them on other parts of the body.
  • Make sure that the skin is not broken, sunburnt or having moles or other irregularities prior to waxing with the body wax strips.
  • Prep the skin before you begin. This involves dry brushing the night before, followed by exfoliation. Take a warm shower a couple of hours prior to waxing, then pat the skin dry gently. Take a painkiller one hour before waxing. Use an ice pack 5 minutes before you wax. This will numb the skin and make the process less painful.
  • Ensure that the hair is between 2 mm and 5 mm long. If it is longer, then the waxing may cause some pain. Trim it with scissors before you start.
  • Take the wax strip and apply it firmly on the skin. Now grip the pull tab and pull off the strip in one quick motion – don’t do this slowly or it will hurt!
  • Remove all the unwanted hair using the Veet body wax strips. You can use each strip about three times before discarding. Use the wipes provided in the box to remove any excess wax stuck to the skin.
  • Do not apply any lotions or creams for 24 hours, and wear loose cotton clothing that does not cling to the skin.