How to Look Fashionable as a New Mom in the Summertime

When you’re a new mom, it’s not uncommon to struggle with your appearance. After all, you’ve housed a human being for just over nine months. Your appearance naturally changes. With the stress and extra weight, many moms struggle with figuring out how to feel sexy again. While there are tons of moms who own their first pregnancy and feel sexy, some take a little while to figure out what’s happening. Realize that this is totally normal and understood. If you are in the latter group, consider these five tips as gentle nods in the right direction.

1.      Try v-neck t-shirts.

Within the first few months, you’ll be changing the baby’s diaper a lot. You’ll be cleaning up a lot of vomit as well. Whether the baby vomits on you or on themselves, you both will do a lot of outfit changes on any given day. In order to make sure you keep up with it all, consider purchasing a bunch of v-neck t-shirts. You can wear v-necks in the classic colors like black and white. You can also add a few fun colors like turquoise and red. If you ever need to switch out the tops, you’ll have a cute and casual uniform that still looks polished when you add a pair of sandals and some accessories.

2. Gather some statement jewelry.

Don’t assume that you can’t wear fashionable jewelry during the early months. Find simple pieces that you can wear every day. In this phase, simplicity makes a major statement. Pearl studs are always fabulous. Layered golden necklaces are really in style as well. Purchase the thin rings that you can wear on different fingers. If you ever want to make a major statement with a casual look, switch the necklace for a large piece. You might want to stay away from hoop earrings when the baby is little. A lot of babies and toddlers like to grab shiny things. You don’t want to end up on the receiving end of an accident due to your little one’s curiosity. 

3. Palazzo pants are effortless.

Palazzo pants tend to flatter most body types. They cover a multitude of sins. They’re also extremely comfortable. Throw on a pair of palazzo pants and a tank top. You’ll be ready for a chic outing with the baby in the stroller or a date night with your spouse.

4. Don’t hide from the beach.

If you take a look at beachwear Australia from Bondi Born, you’ll see that ruffles are in style. Ruffles are incredibly feminine and can play up your extra curves. You can also wear chic beach dresses with a stylish hat, flip flops and your favorite pair of sunglasses. You can still look incredibly hot and sexy at the beach. Don’t shy away from the bikinis or tank tops. If you want to wear a cover-up on top, it’s your choice. Just know that confidence is the key to rocking those extra curves. No one is offended by your love handles. You birthed a child. Don’t forget that. That’s one of the strongest and sexiest tasks a woman can accomplish.

5. Embrace red and hot pink lipsticks.

Even when you’re at home with the baby and have no plans on leaving for the day, it’s still wise to throw on a bit of makeup. For many women, makeup helps them feel sexier. Start by wearing some really nice shades of lipstick. Red is a classic color that works at any time of year. Hot pink is totally appropriate for the warmer months. If you’re not sure which shade works for you, do a little research to find out which makeup lines carry a shade or two that work universally for any skin tone. In addition to the lipstick, don’t be afraid to wear a little under-eye concealer and mascara. These two products can do wonders for making you look alive and awake when you haven’t been getting much sleep.